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2015 08 22, 01:56
Kiek ir kokį vandenį gerti sportuojant?

Komentarai (9)
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Wilhelmina, 23-02-2017 03:13
25fMike,Re your queries on virginity & the Church Fathers. Can I recommend this book to youc#&8220;Eunu:hs for Heaven The Catholic Church & Sexuality, Uta Ranke-Heinemann, (tr John Brownjohn), Andre Deutsch, London, 1990. ISBN: 0 233 98553 0Whilst written for and about this issue in Roman Catholicism, at least 50% is directly translatable into an Eastern Orthodox setting. Whilst some of it is controversial, the scholarship for the undivided Church prior to 1054 is close to flawless.Happy reading,J
Buffee, 21-05-2016 06:20
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Hayriye, 13-12-2015 13:22
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