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2012 10 05, 12:53
LFF taurės aštuntfinalyje trijų favoritų laukia išvykos

Komentarai (3)
Kaylea, 21-05-2016 02:50
I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undsretandable.
Jubanord, 19-12-2015 08:36
it is more important to foollw worldly standards than Scriptural standards. It is truly a Reformation question. It was so back in the 15th century and it is true even today in the lutheranism of Finland. The choice has to be made and the Lutheran Church of St. Barnabas and Luther Foundation have made their choice. Churchmen do not have the final word, that belong to Christ on the Day of Judgment. May the Lord direct us in our faithfulness to His Word ere the judgment. The Word shall yet prevail, the devil has no power over us.Forward on all fronts!!R. Rahn, FounderLutheran Heritage Foundation
Karthik, 13-12-2015 15:35
it all, the stereotypes and the ptillones. But let's be honest, Raza keep coming back to it and reputable Critical Groups keep giving them awards, for basically rehashing the same ole stuff over and over again.And when a Latino/a filmmaker does come out with something different (like non-gangmember Latinos in college or camping or doing anything but tagging, drinking or whoring), there are those who criticize Oh, it's not Latino enough, It seems too white, It doesn't represent the Latino community! Well, you know what, Mr. and Mrs. Criticones? Maybe it does. Possibly, some Latinos might have had an experience DIFFERENT from yours and your way of identifying Latino life. Maybe some people don't celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or believe in Santeria or have a carload of undocumented family members. Maybe some of us see those films and stay away because they don't represent what we know about living as Latinos in the U.S. Maybe American Pie is more my experience of growing up than American Me or Blood In, Blood Out. Just saying.


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